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Mockingbird Lane Press

Maverick Music Magazine, Jan 2016, 4/5 stars, Ian Ambrose

“An absolute treat…11 songs of the highest order, each a carefully crafted gem”

See the full press clipping here

CMP (Country Music People) Magazine, Nov 2015, 5/5 stars, Chris Smith

“A very special album of the highest quality”

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UNCUT Magazine, Sept 2015, 8/10 stars, Andrew Mueller 

“Terrific second album by under-regarded British country singer. If Danni Nicholls came from Nashville rather than Bedford she would already be better known. After all she possesses an old-school country voice as capable of a sumptuous Cline-like croon as it is of the husky intimacies of an Alison Krauss, and a warm, wry line in confessional songwriting. Mockingbird Lane was recorded in Nashville, which will struggle to produce many better albums this year. “Back to Memphis” is an understated soul Epic, and “Feel Again” a spare but unsparing take on the heartbreak ballad.”

See the full press clipping here 10/10!

Mockingbird Lane is an album artfully produced so that it has a live sound that is fresh and slightly unfinished, this lack of studio burnishing leaves the music charmed with a natural purity Danni definitely touches your emotional soul this album is destined to get her name out far and wide. Mockingbird Lane resonates with every broken heart and connects to those times when life is tough and emotionally challenging while at the same time the beat is uplifting and brings a wry smile to the broken hearted.

Read the full review here 80% by Dave Simpson

“…it's passionate persuasion ensures a consistently captivating listening experience" 

Read the full review here

The Irish Post, Oct 2015, 4/5 stars, Joe Giltrap

“Danni Nicholls is simply a smashing songwriter…she has a great voice oozing warmth and intimacy that makes you believe the lyrics. Unless I am greatly mistaken we will hear a lot more of Danni Nicholls in the near future.”

See the press clipping here

“Mockingbird Lane’ is a fabulous record that is a testimony to Danni Nicholls’ rising talent. Her mastery of Americana is impressive…her songwriting is tight and authentic, and her vocals are raw and distinctive, bringing each song to life and letting us know exactly who’s singing it. Definitely one to watch as she spreads her wings.“ 

Read the full review here

“Mockingbird Lane is the perfect Americana release with elements of blues, jazz, soul, gospel and country”

Read the full review here 4/5 stars (full review in dutch)

“The powerful songs, the impressive melodious voice of Nicholls and the superb performance of the Nashville session musicians make ‘Mockingbird Lane’ a beautiful, contemporary country album with touches of soft blues and smooth jazz”

Read the full review here (full review in dutch) 

“One of the great new discoveries of the past few months”

Read the full review here

“Mockingbird Lane is very impressive, highlighting an accomplished artist fully in tune with her creative muse.”

Read the full review here

“an album that soars across your emotions and senses before planting itself in the middle of your heart” 

Read the full review here

“Danni Nicholls is a classic songwriter, her feet so firmly rooted in Americana you can almost her the creak of cowboy boots on the studio floor. Her sophomore record Mockingbird Lane sees her on fine form surrounded by the cream of Nashville”

Read the full review here 

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