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The Melted Morning press

Americana UK 8/10


“The vocals glide along with layers of cello, horns and keys, merging into a blanket of sonic warmth that makes ‘The Melted Morning‘ felt as much as it is heard”


 “A polished dark gem”


Maverick 5/5


“an incredibly well-crafted album with depth and originality” Maverick Magazine


“a stunning piece of work that does a remarkable job of merging light with dark”


“a stunning piece of work”


“Marvellous, again”



“it is such a strong album” 


“an album that deserves, no, needs, to be heard”


“the album of her career so far” 


Three Chords and the Truth

“a seriously classy set of songs”

“This stunning collection of tunes will resonate deep”


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